MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler Review

An Introduction to MyPurMist

MyPurMist is a magical steam inhaler that can be handheld. It gives a warm mist reaching the lower and upper respiratory tracts, thereby easing the congestion and dryness in just less than 5 microns droplets. This steam is created instantly utilizing the CFV (capillary force vaporizer) technology employing pressure with ceramic heating elements while it is powered by AC power source. MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler

MyPurMist features a latex-free replaceable inhaler mask. This is attached to the end and on pressing a button, the inhaler releases steam vapor, when it is placed over the face. The mist temperature to some degree can be controlled based on the four temperature settings that range between 105-115 degrees and the mist is heated by an internal computer to the required temperature.

MyPurMist has the capacity to hold an ounce of water and this lasts for 25 minutes misting, wherein a red light indicates the depletion of water. It is strictly recommended to use de-mineralized or distilled water only and this water should be free from added electrolytes or minerals. There is an internal fan that turns for approx 10 minutes after usage and also has a built-in drying system that assures the unit is clean. It also features automatic shut-off such that when the device is not in use it turns off after 10 minutes.

MyPurMist basic kit comes with as a unit including an adult-sized inhaler mask, a 9.5 oz MyPurFill (demineralized water) bottle and a storage bag. Another important point to note is that MyPur Mist is manufactured by Vapore, LLC and not by the company Kaz that is manufacturing Purwater.MyPurMist Classic Kit

Price Of MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler

Place your order now and get your own MyPurMist handheld Steam Inhaler / Steam Vaporizer.  It comes with a year warranty covering manufacturer defects. There is a 60-day guarantee when you order from your phone or website for MyPurMist. It guarantees full refund to the customer within 30-60 days of usage. Before 30 days, customers may receive a refund deducting the shipping charges, but after 60 days, the guarantee is invalid. Likewise, any accessories opened also are not refunded or returned.

 Features Of MyPurMist 

  • This handheld steam inhaler includes no medications and is a natural decongestant
  • It is germ free and mist is very safe and convenient to use
  • It relieves instantly the dryness, cold symptoms, sinus congestion and any sort of respiratory allergy.
  • Simple to use is the main advantage.MyPurMist handheld vapourizer

MyPurMist Handheld Steam Inhaler Review

The reviews of MyPurMist on Amazon vary between 3 and 5 stars. Majority consumers have given positive reviews and appreciate the working system of this device. Most of them have expressed satisfaction of its working ability, but are not happy with the AC adapter chord being several feet long. People wish the unit to be battery operated and want it to be more portable. MyPurMist is excellent to give quick relief, but may not be an ideal choice to replace a nebulizer or to be used by severe asthma patients.


MyPurMist is a handheld steam vaporizer device that can be handheld to ease minor respiratory problems relating to congestion or dryness. The user reviews for MyPurMist state that the product works as it claims to be.  The positive effects of quickly healing and effortlessly has put aside the negative point that the unit broke within few months of usage. With its clean and best effects, MyPurMist may have potential buyers to consider owning this quality product.

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