How To Lose Belly Fat after Pregnancy

The delightful moment that a woman comes across in her lifetime is pregnancy. Pregnancy is a period when a woman stays free from all worries and just enjoys the special feeling of giving birth to her baby. Now women are always concerned about their weight and good looks. Therefore after pregnancy losing belly fat becomes a main point of concern for women.

Though losing weight takes time; the new mother can get back to her regular shape and size by following few practical tips. Mentioned below are some constructive points that can be helpful to lose belly fat after to lose belly fat after pregnancy

Before following the given measures the first thing to do is to check the amount of calories that needs to be excreted. For losing one pound of weight around 3450 calories should be burned up. Therefore a person who wishes to reduce around one pound in a week, will require burning up of 500 calories in one day.

Now there are few natural methods of losing weight which are useful in reducing belly fat after pregnancy

  1. Breast Feeding: Experts suggest that breast feeding is very good for the baby; hence it is also a good method to burn up extra fats. Through breast feeding a woman can shred out around 450 calories in a day. This is a simpler and faster mode to lose belly fat after pregnancy.
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  4. Drink ample of Water: Water is always termed to be the best remedy for all health related issues. To lose the belly fat women require drinking, for about ten to twelve glasses of water in a day. This method will increase their metabolism and restrain the appetite. Apart from this other sugar content beverages like juices and soda should be avoided as these products will increase the weight instead of minimizing.
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  6. Exercise: This is a very productive method of losing belly fat quicker. Exercise is something that should be a part of everyday routine. Every woman must follow this procedure to keep themselves balanced and fit. This method can be practiced just after some days of delivery if the birth of the baby has taken place vaginally. In case of c-section delivery a woman needs to wait for three or four weeks and then start exercising after regaining good health.
  7. Pilates or Yoga: Pilates and yoga are also helpful as by following these methods the tummy muscles get elongated and this in turn reduces extra fats from the lower belly and the person can sooner get back to their normal physic.
  8. Balanced Diet: Dieting will turn out to be harmful for the baby as he/she is totally dependent on breast feeding. Nutritious meal is good for both you and your newborn; therefore instead of skipping meals you can take the food in small portions. The meal can be taken in five small segments instead of three large ones.
  9.  Reductil slimming pills: This is another effective method to lose belly fat after pregnancy but this can be executed only after taking doctor’s advice.

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